About Us

The Point of It All has a 38-year track record. Founder Hyla Hurley created a shop known across the country for sophisticated, top-of-the-line needlepoint canvases and expert finishing. In 2007, Susan and Christopher Battle took the reins. Hyla taught Susan to stitch more than 20 years ago and watched her passion for needlepoint flourish!

We feature an unparalleled selection of hand-painted canvases by top needlepoint artists including Melissa Shirley, Amanda Lawford, Canvas Works, Barbara Russell, JP, Julia’s Needleworks, Kathy Schenkel, Silver Needle, Clara Wells, and many, many more. If you are looking for a specific canvas but don’t see it in the shop, we are happy to order it for you. We are known for our custom canvases, and our house artist is absolutely amazing. Anything you can dream, she can paint! 

The Point of It All offers classes for children and adults of all skill levels as well as consultations on needlepoint restoration. We also do a thriving out-of-town business—just because you don’t live in DC doesn’t mean we can’t be your needlepoint shop! You are now able to buy online and have us pull the fibers. Once you have stitched the canvas, we are happy to turn it into a magnificent pillow, beautiful wall hanging, or a fabulous purse. Our finishers are the best in the business!