Works in Progress

KSH Designs Ikat
KSH Designs Ikat

I always have a bunch of works in progress so I can match the canvas with my (stitching) mood. Lately I’ve been wanting something easy and mindless. This Ikat print from KSH/Kate Dickerson Needlepoint ( fits the bill. 13 mesh, about 10″x10.” I’m using Silk and Ivory, which is divine. These aren’t my usual colors but the canvas is going to look great as a pillow in my guest room. I’m also going to do a Jean Smith ( floral as a companion piece for the loveseat. I’m thinking of a creamy green linen fabric with contrast piping in pink and a tailored, pleated ruffle.

JP Needlepoint Zebra
JP Needlepoint Zebra

I’m also working on this zebra canvas from JP Needlepoint ( for my mom. She was recently in New York City and saw a zebra sculpture but in unexpected colors. The black stripes were dark navy blue and the white areas were purple. I was delighted we had a zebra canvas that we could modify! Even though this is a 13 mesh canvas, I am stitching with 2 out of the 3 strands of Trio, which is slightly thicker than a single strand of Silk and Ivory. I find that when I am changing colors on a canvas, this thread trick gives better coverage.

I have a travel size Christmas ornament too but I can’t post a picture. It’s for my husband, Chris, who always reads my blog posts. Right, honey?! Little projects, kept in a zippered bag, are perfect for travel needlepointing, waiting in doctor’s offices, etc.

Happy stitching; happy Independence Day! The Point of It All will be closed on Friday, 7/4 and we’ll be open from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday, 7/5.


Fab Finishing

Oh, how I love this pillow! As many of you know, anything in animal print speaks to me! This darling little canvas is from the fabulous Kathy Schenkel…this one is 18 mesh but she also makes a slightly larger version in 13 mesh. She has tons and tons of inspirational words in her most adorable line…click here.

I stitched this little canvas in one night, using Rainbow Gallery Splendor (a plyable silk).

The finishing is outstanding…a lot of impact for only a little stitching!