Grrrrr snow!

Alas the snow storm means The Point of It All will be closed today (Thursday). I’m trying to think of it as a Bonus Stitching Day! So light the fire, pull out a new project, and get to stitching!

If you need help shoveling, I’ll send over my little snow bunny, Betsy!

Stay warm and safe, Susan



Be prepared…with needlepoint!




Snow is in the forecast! Are you scared school will be cancelled and the kids will be home?! Get your daughters and sons started on a new hobby: needlepoint! We have an awesome selection of kids’ kits in stock. The kits come complete with the canvas, fibers, a needle, and instructions. HOURS of entertainment for your little stitcher!

The kits pictured above are from The Studio. The small ones are $28 and the larger ones are $44.

For your kids’ enrichment and your sanity, come in today!

Happy stitching, Susan