Design your own needlepoint belt

I just found out about this marvelous book by Ann Cady Scott. It’s a binder full of images, letters, and numbers graphed out to work on a belt you design yourself. Here’s a link to her website: which explains everything. We will be carrying this book at The Point of It All; it will retail for $65.

The designs will also work on my Design Your Own Key Fobs. I sell the key fob kit (canvas, hardware, instructions) by clicking here.

Of course if charting your own design sounds horrifying/impossible/daunting/an opportunity to make a big needlepoint mess, you can always work with our fab custom artist. If you are in town this Friday afternoon, the Divine Deborah will be at the shop. Email me for specifics.

Happy designing; happy stitching!

I can see clearly now…

All of us at The Point of It All are going bananas over this portable, battery-operated Ott lite! It’s so lightweight; it can travel anywhere! Think about setting it up on the fold down tray on an airplane or on the bedside table at a hotel. THIS IS AN AWESOME PRODUCT! If you haven’t used an Ott product before, get thee to The Point of It All to check one out. These lights simulate daylight and make an incredible difference when you are stitching. Ott makes a tabletop version and a floor model (both have to be plugged in).

We have them all in stock…portable one is $42.

Perfect stocking stuffer, too!

Happy stitching,

Hot Deal for May!

The HOT DEAL for May is needlepoint accessories…all fiber organizers, magnifying glasses, needle safes, thread separators, scissors, bankers’ clasps, and more will be 10% off for the whole month. Stop by the shop or email me!

Happy stitching, Susan

Cell Phone Case

Check out this case for my cell phone! I took a small canvas and traced a slightly larger outline of my phone and then stitched away. You could also use an eyeglass case canvas. The result is a beautiful and easy to spot protective case for my phone. Yet another stylish needlepoint accessory!

(The “SK” stands for my maiden name–Susan Kenney–and the initials have long been my nickname.)

Happy stitching! Susan