Adorable Snowman Finishing

I just unpacked the box from the finishers and my snowman arrived! This adorable canvas is from Kathy Schenkel; she does MANY canvases like this one. I asked Laura and Carolyn, finishers extraordinaire, to make him into a box with ribbons on top. I love the plaid taffeta in the gusset. And the cardinal is sweet too. (I love cardinals…they are always so festive at Christmas time.)

Speaking of Christmas, mark your calendars for the Christmas in June sale at The Point of It All. Every in-stock Christmas canvas is 20% off for the whole month!

Happy stitching,

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…

…it’s a needlepoint cummerbund! Won’t your man look like a true Superman with this accessory? This piece was stitched by a POIA customer but I have made my husband, Chris, the Superman belt. He loves it and always gets comments when he wears it.

The canvas is from Voila!. The cummerbund is on 13 mesh and the belt is on 18.

If you are into the superhero thing, I have also seen a Batman belt. Are there other characters you would like to see? Email me!

Happy stitching,

Finishing: Give Us Your Opinion!

Raymond Crawford, who designs sophisticated and unusual (in a good way!) Christmas canvases just sent me this little canvas because I absolutely love his line. As you can see, I’ve already started stitching it. Regina, who teaches advanced stitches for The Point of It All, suggested I use basketweave rather than a decorative stitch–she thought it would get too complicated with all the compensation around “Joy.” Good news for me: I can zip through this quick canvas in a night.

Now for the finishing…I was thinking of adding trim and fanciful embellishments and making a pin to wear at Christmas time. Of course, a tree ornament is also a possibility. Or what about a kissing ball? Give me your opinion…but post a comment soon; I’ll finish this canvas in no time!