Have you heard of S.A.B.L.E??? Not the fur but the acronym…


Yup, that’s me! I’ve got more canvases than I know what to do with and sure enough I love them all! And my stash certainly doesn’t stop me for acquiring more…ahh, the allure of the new canvas. In fact I was up until 2 am stitching last night. I must be addicted.

I think I will design a canvas with S.A.B.L.E. on it…

Happy Sunday; Happy Stitching,

Refreshing Bargello

A fresh, new look for Bargello! The colors in this piece are actually intense, summertime hues of bright aquas, hot pinks, and lemon yellow. The pattern came from a June McKnight book titled The Best Bargello Book (what a name!) Once I set up the tracking row, it was really easy to follow. Of course if you are even one stitch off, you have to start again–that’s always a bummer.

The acrylic tray is from Cooper Oaks Design. Click here to visit their website.

I can’t wait to have a dinner party and use my new tray! How refreshing will it be to serve a chilled glass of white wine on this stunning piece? Beautiful and functional–a bold new use for needlepoint!

Happy stitching,

Learning to Needlepoint

How did you learn to needlepoint? Did you learn as a child or as an adult? Do you remember your first project?

My story begins when I was about 8 years old. My mother had not finished my Christmas stocking and, as only a child can, I said, “It’s okay, Mom. I’ll learn to needlepoint and finish my own stocking!” My mother always likes me to mention that she put on the gas and did actually finish the stitching. But she also capitalized on a teachable moment and took me to The Point of It All. I’ve been needlepointing ever since.

When I was about 10 years old, I won a first place ribbon in the junior division of the Woodlawn Plantation Needlework Show, a national competition. I didn’t stitch much in college but picked it up again later. Now I stitch nearly everyday.

One evening my husband and I were watching a movie when suddenly I put down my needlepoint and packed up my supplies; I was tired of stitching that evening. Chris immediately asked if I was ill; he has so rarely seen me put down my needlepoint!

I’ve just started a photo album with a picture of every piece I’ve stitched. It’s great to look through it and remember all the projects. I highly recommend starting your own album.

Please write in with stories of how you learned to needlepoint!

Happy stitching,

Back from Market

I’ve just returned from the needlepoint market in Columbus, Ohio…what fun! SO, SO many fantastic canvases! I can’t wait for them to arrive so I can begin stitching. What to do first??

I particularly liked these Halloween bags from Ruth Schmuff…aren’t they adorable?! Melissa Shirley had great new canvases as did JP Needlepoint. I also loved the ornaments based on hand-blown glass Christmas tree decorations. Clara Wells had a new purse shape….more of a totebag. Fun new geometrics from Barbara Bergsten. Interesting fibers from ThreadworkX. (I wish I had more space to carry even more fibers!)

Canvases are arriving every day and we are adding the red binding as fast as we can. Come by and see everything!!!

Happy stitching,