Fab Finishing: Coordinate your pillows with your furniture!

Amanda Lawford sunflower canvas




Amanda Lawford pillow on chair

Miriam, a Point of It All customer and outstanding stitcher, just picked up this marvelous pillow. She had selected the Splendor silk colors to coordinate with the Pierre Deux fabric she used to recover her living room chair. Doesn’t it look amazing?!

The canvas is from Amanda Lawford. Miriam used the Byzantine stitch for the border. The fabric is reversible so we used the predominately yellow side for the gusset and back of the pillow. The cording is from one of our trim books–we have tons of trim and fabric books.

Well done, Miriam!

Happy stitching,

FAB FINISHING: This purse makes me happy!

Susan's Elizabeth Turner "Adelaide style" purse
Susan's Elizabeth Turner "Adelaide style" purse
Susan’s Elizabeth Turner “Adelaide style” purse

I just received this purse from the finisher and before I could do a blog post, a customer from Austin came by the shop, fell in love with it, ordered the canvas, took a photo, and posted it to the Steph’s Stitching blog, which was then picked up by the Chilly Hollow blog! Then I received two emails this morning from stitchers who recognized that the picture was taken at The Point of It All and wanted details on the purse! So, what I am conveying with those run-on sentences, is that there is a NEEDLEPOINT FRENZY over this purse!

As well there should be…it is divine! The canvas, double sided and on 13 mesh, is the Adelaide style from Elizabeth Turner Collection. I’ve just looked at their website and it’s under construction so you can’t see the other canvases that come in this style alas. The one I did is called Moroccan Tile and comes in teal instead of purple. But I am obsessed with purple so I stitched over the teal. Cost is $276. We can add your monogram, too, if you want. I chose black patent leather but there are lots of leather colors available. I lined the purse in bright yellow to add even more zing when you open it!

Come by the shop and check out the purse in person. I have the Elizabeth Turner catalog for you to flip through, too!

Happy stitching,

Here’s the back view:

Susan's Elizabeth Turner "Adelaide style" purse
Susan’s Elizabeth Turner “Adelaide style” purse

Patti Mann’s son on The Voice

Brace yourself: needlepoint artist Patti Mann’s son is going to be on The Voice this Sunday, right after the Super Bowl. If you don’t know about this singing competition on NBC, go here. It is totally addictive! Patti’s website is here. Patti is FABULOUS and I am so excited for her and her (totally adorable) son. You MUST tune in this Sunday! The word is that Chris will be performing about one hour into the show.

Happy stitching…happy singing to Chris,

World War II tapestry message

This is an amazing story…please read! Thank you to Point of It All customer Susanne Villemarette for sharing it with me.

The tapestry

Major Alexis Casdagli

Tony with his father’s embroidery

Prisoner of War needled the Nazis with hidden messages

Brit’s ‘God Save the King’ in Morse code

By MATT QUINTON, The Sun (January 11, 2012)

A PATRIOTIC British Prisoner of War played a trick on his German captors by giving them a piece of needlework with “God Save the King” and “F*** Hitler” embroidered into it.

But the Nazis never spotted the cunning soldier’s blast — because it was crafted in MORSE CODE.

And they were so pleased with the needlework that they put it on public display at the castle where the brave Brit was locked up.

Clever Major Alexis Casdagli was imprisoned by the Germans for four years during World War Two, and passed the long hours by sewing.

The main message on his gift to the Nazis reads: “This work was done by Major A. Casdagli. No 3311. While in captivity at Dossel-Warbung Germany December 1941”.

But outside the border of swastikas, Imperial Eagles and hammer and sickles, Casdagli hid a dig at the fascists with a patriotic message disguised as an innocent pattern of dots.

Resources were so scarce that the design had to be created using red and blue thread from a Cretan general’s sweater.

The embroidery was recently reunited with Casdagli’s son Tony after being displayed at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Tony, 79, explained: “My father always said that the Red Cross packages he received kept him alive, but the sewing kept him sane.

“He was captured at the Battle of Crete and marched up Greece for six weeks before being flown to north Germany.

“Having run a textiles company before the war he knew a little about sewing, so when he was given a canvas by another prisoner he started stitching for something to do.”

Casdagli even sent Tony, then 11, a stitched letter through the post, saying: “It is 1,581 days since I saw you last but it will not be long now.

“Do you remember when I fell down the well? Look after Mummy till I get home again.”

And while Union Jack flags were forbidden in the camp, Casdagli simply sewed one with a flap over it to get around the German rules.

Retired Royal Navy officer Tony explained: “Each week the same officer would open the flap and say, ‘This is illegal,’ and Pa said, ‘You’re showing it, I’m not showing it.'”

After the war Casdagli joined a British mission to Greece during the civil war, and later started a perspex factory in London.

He kept up his sewing until his death in 1990, aged 90.



A new canvas from the *inspired* Susan Battle Needlepoint line! I think these two dogs are absolutely charming…I love the folk art feel to the canvas. I actually finished stitching it recently and it should be back from the finisher soon. (No pressure, Debby!)

I used Appleton Tapestry wool for the background and Silk & Ivory for the dogs and the border. Once it’s back from the finisher, I’ll post a picture and let you know what stitches I used. (How bad is it that I can’t remember???)

The SIT canvas is available through The Point of It All (202 966 9898)…the cost is $104…it is on 13 mesh…and measures 12″x12.”

Happy new year; happy stitching!