Giddy Up, Cowboy

Well, I made a Rookie Mistake…different dye lots; same project. I’ve never done this before: I mixed two dye lots of Silk & Ivory in the background of my cowboy piece. Blame it on inattention or blame it on Sauvignon Blanc. I can’t believe I did it! Can you see the two different colors in the green? What a bummer.

The overall effect is still great and I’m certainly not taking out half the stitching. Better to embrace imperfection, right? I love the background stitch…it’s called Woven and is in the Stitches to Go book. My absolute favorite book. It’s a must! If you don’t already have a copy, click here.

The stitch is really easy to compensate, which was great around the lasso parts. The canvas is by Patti Mann. Here’s a link to her website. This cowboy canvas comes with a white background but I made it snazzier with the intense lime green background…the color is called Grasshopper. I am stitching the silhouettes in black Balger 005. It’s tedious to do that much metallic but the result is awesome.

I am planning to frame the piece unless anyone has a great idea for a pillow…please share!

Happy stitching,

One thought on “Giddy Up, Cowboy

  1. Pillow. Must be a pillow with lime green trim that goes from light to dark just like your accidental background. Perfect for your cowboy's favorite comfy chair!

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