‘Tis the Season

It ’tis the season! No, not the season for holidays. It ’tis the season for college acceptances! Throughout the country parents are sighing with relief, and enormous weights have been lifted off of the shoulders of high school seniors. There is a feeling of calm in the air!

A great way to celebrate a college acceptance is through a needlepoint gift! The Point of It All has a few suggestions:

1) A personalized way to celebrate a college acceptance is by having Deborah (our custom artist) paint a custom canvas for your child. It could feature the school mascot or simply the school colors. A very popular gift for high school graduates heading to college is a “life belt.” To create a life belt, we would collaborate with our customer to pick out logos that have special meaning for their child. For example, a “life belt” could feature your dog, the colleges’ mascot, and the high school mascot. “Life belts” are an easy, quick project that your child will cherish forever!

2) When I headed to college I found out the hard way that keys should ALWAYS be kept on a key ring! Losing dorm keys is not only annoying, but also expensive. Needlepointing a keychain ensures your child doesn’t lose their dorm keys. Plus, a keyring is the perfect momento to remind your child of how proud you are!

3) Needlepoint by The Collection has cute canvases to remind your college bound child to check in every now and then! Featured below are their “Call Your Mother She Worries” and “E-Mail Your Mother She Worries.” Both of these canvases would be cute as a board mount to hang or a pillow.


4) Our fourth and final suggestion is a bit naughty! The Point of It All DOES NOT support underage drinking BUT a funny college present could be a needlepoint flask! Below is a shop model we have. The flask comes with different inserts. This gift is perfect for your junior year college student who just turned 21!!


Congratulations to the all the recent college acceptances!


I would like to dedicate the blog post today to something all needlepointers struggle with, UFPs. What is a UFP? A UFP is an unfinished project.

Growing up around a needlepointing mother I became VERY familiar with UFPs. Next to my mother’s needlepointing chair lived a growing collection of UFPs. Every year the collection would multiply like bunnies. Finally, the UFP pile became as high as the chair. It was in this moment that my mother decided to leave all of her UFPs to me in her will. Thanks mom. However, I know it is not just my mother who struggles with UFPs. I struggle with UFPs. Frequently, we have customers come into the store who also have their own UFP pile. SO how can we combat UFPs? Susan and I sat down last week and came up with some UFP solutions.


A lot of times I find myself becoming discouraged with a canvas simply because I don’t like the fiber I am using. There is an easy solution to this problem! Simply switch out your fibers for new ones. At The Point of It All we can help you pick out new fibers so you can finish your UFP.


If I am working on a large needlepoint project, like a detailed pillow design, I often become discouraged and bored. A great way to reinvigorate your interest in a piece is to pick up a new small project! A lot of The Point of It All staff practices this UFP combative measure. Working on a smaller, less complicated canvas such as a Christmas ornanment or a key fob can provide a refreshing break from a larger project.


Sometimes a canvas just doesn’t hold the same appeal it did when first purchased. A great solution to this problem is to have our custom artist Deborah repaint some of the canvas or change the canvas colors. This is an easy way to revive a canvas falling into the depths of your UFP pile.


The continental stitch and basketweave stitch are great basic stitches, but sometimes they can feel repetitive. If you are working on a canvas in solely continental and basketweave it is easy to become bored. We have two solutions for this problem. First, we sell informative and easy to follow books that teach a plethora of stitches. One of our favorite books is by The Point of It All owner Susan. Swing by The Point of It All to pick it up and you could even have the book signed by the author! Second, schedule a private lesson with Laurie. Laurie is an experienced needlepointing teacher who will take you step by step through different stitches. Call The Point of It All today to schedule a lesson!


At The Point of It All we have a fabulous team of stitching nuns who can finish your project. Their work is impeccable and oftentimes, dare I say it, flawless! The turnaround time is fairly quick, so your UFP will transform into a finished project in no time. We charge by the square inch for the stitching.


If none of these suggestions hold any appeal, there is always one last resort. In the summer The Point Of It All holds an “Oops Sale.” At the Oops Sales customers bring in their UFPs. In return we sell the UFPs steeply discounted with all of the proceeds going to breast cancer research. Donating to the Oops Sale is a great way to dwindle your UFP pile and support a fabulous cause.

So here’s to UFPs! Let’s raise a needle and vow to combat our own UFP piles this spring!

So Excited to Meet Everyone!

Hi everyone! My name is Jessica and I am the new manager at The Point of It All. I offically started as manager at the beginnning of March, but I have been working at The Point of It All since last summer. If I haven’t met you yet, I cannot wait to get to know you!


My Mom and I, she’s also a needlepointer and loves The Point of It All.

Again, I can’t wait to meet everyone! I will be working almost everyday, so there will be plenty of opportunities!

Facelift for a Pillow

Sometimes a tired, old pillow needs a facelift. Sometimes we stitchers need one too but that’s another topic!

Here’s a photo of my wonderful JP Needlepoint pillow that I stitched years ago. Buster napped on it; baby Betsy crawled on it; and Chris and I lounged on it. It was time for a refresh. (Ignore the strange black spots in the lower right corner–not sure what was up with the photo. I’m also not sure why the background stitching looks so different in these two photos. It’s red Silk & Ivory not maroon!)

old bee pillow

old bee pillow

Here’s a photo of the pillow’s new look:

new bee pillow

new bee pillow


A close up of the fabric and trim:

fabric and trim close up

fabric and trim close up

Do you have any pillows that are due for a facelift?

Also, Jessica Chaney, the Point of It All’s new shop manager, will be doing blog posts periodically. Look for a post from her next week! She’ll fill you in on her needlepointing history.

Happy stitching,

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So True!

I just saw this picture on Facebook and started laughing:

craft supplies

On the one hand, I hope my husband takes time to read my blog. On the other hand, this post might be one he should skip! Let’s see if he mentions it tonight!

Happy stitching; happy hiding your needlepoint obsession from your loved one,