New arrivals and opening status

Yesterday we received our first shipment from the needlepoint market: a bouquet of beautiful Jean Smith floral canvases! A harbinger of Spring! And what could be better when the weather report is calling for inches of snow? The Point of It All is open today…for now. If it truly snows a ton we will close early. Check or call us at 202.966.9898.

Happy stitching and think Spring!



New canvases from the needlepoint market!





I’m just leaving the needlepoint market in delightfully sunny San Diego. Here are pictures of some of my favorite new canvases. The charming animals are from CBK Needlepoint and the darling ornaments are from Kathy Schenkel. I can’t wait for them to arrive at The Point of It All! Probably in February. I’m disappointed my iPhone acted up otherwise I would have taken loads more photos.

Stayed tuned to the shop’s Facebook page (like us!) and these emails for photos of new canvases as they arrive!

Happy stitching, Susan

Tis the Season!

Melissa Shirley Tree Topper Angel
Melissa Shirley Tree Topper Angel
Melissa Shirley Tree Topper Angel


Melissa Shirley Tree Topper Angel
Melissa Shirley Tree Topper Angel


Merry Christmas from The Point of It All! I always like to stitch a seasonally-appropriate canvas so right now I’m working on a tree topper (for next year’s Christmas tree). This is a Melissa Shirley canvas on 13 mesh, though it also comes on 18. I used mostly Balger plus Neon Rays for the holly, wool for the hair, and silk for the face. Then I added beads, lots of beads! The fur hem of her dress is uncut turkey work done in Fuzzy Stuff. Right now I’m just finishing up the green sacrifice rows on the front side.

The POIA girls saw how much fun I was having with this piece that both Grace and Anna have ordered the canvas and Molly is thinking about it!

Be sure to check out our calendar at to see our holiday hours. Today we will be open from 10 to 1:59 (hint, hint Laurie and I want to leave right at 2 pm!)

Happy stitching,