On the Road Again (still stitching)

I’ve had a wonderful long weekend of stitching! Chris and I took off for the open road and headed to Pittsburgh to stay in a delightful bed and breakfast–The Parador Inn. I stitched the whole drive up and most of the way back. Thank you, sweetie, for doing all the driving!

I had been working on the portrait of my parents’ house but it’s on fine, 18 mesh with lots of color changes and delicate shading. So I thought I would switch over to a 13 mesh Old Bay pillow–solid blocks of color and EASY for the car ride.

That just goes to show you that you MUST have at least two projects going at all times and for all stitching situations. As if any of us needed a justification for the number of canvases in our stash…

FYI, both canvases were painted by our super duper custom artist–she’s fantastic! I particularly love the house portrait! More on that later…

Happy stitching,

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