Bulldog Pride

St. Albans is the high school my husband Chris attended…the Battle Family has lots of Bulldog Pride! The artist behind the And More needlepoint line will paint any sports team in the appropriate colors. We also have in stock Go O’s and Go Redskins (someone has to cheer on these teams, right?!) I did a different stitch in each box: Hesitation, Milanese, Horizontal Parisian, Slanted Gobelin, Byzantine.  The fibers are Trio by Brown Paper Packages with accents of Neon Rays from Rainbow Gallery.

For the finishing, I used a St. Albans athletic t-shirt…I thought that was clever, if I do say so myself!

Be thinking what teams you support: your kids’ high school, your college, your hometown…

Happy stitching,

Prioritizing Your Stash

So many canvases, so little time! Here’s what’s on my Active Roster:

St. Albans belt (designed by me)
Aqua and brown coral bucket bag (designed by Clara Wells)
Fantastic paisley (designed by DJ Designs)
Geometric frame (designed by Jenny Henry)
Asian-inspired geometric (designed by Julie Pischke)
Go O’s (for the Baltimore Orioles) (designed by And More)

These are just the canvases that are actually in my living room right now! There is a whole separate stash of Potential Projects…these players could be subbed into the game AT ANY MOMENT!

So I am focusing on prioritizing. The active roster has a nice mix of 13 mesh and 18 mesh; big and small; intricate designs and simple backgrounds; decorative stitches and plain basketweave. I am ready for any scenario and stitching whim! I recommend you always have multiple projects going. Then you have a choice as to what to stitch when. I never, ever limit myself to one canvas. (Though I think my husband could do with fewer Point of It All bags in the living room!)

I also organize every canvas (and accompanying fibers) in a clear, zippered bag. I love these bags in particular.

Embrace needlepoint A.D.D.!

Happy stitching,

Back from Market

I have just returned from the Needlework Market in sunny Long Beach, California…wow, so many beautiful canvases! I can’t wait for them to start arriving! I took pictures of some especially neat ones. The picture quality isn’t great because the convention center lighting was poor but here’s the idea.

These adorable Halloween “stand ups” are from Kirk & Hamilton. Very cute.

You can make your own gingerbread garland! Elizabeth Turner Collection envisioned that you would stitch the members of your family in gingerbread. Adorable finishing.

These canvases looked perfect for decorative stitches! I ordered a bunch of sweet saying plus several canvases of local sports teams…ie gold and maroon with Go Skins! for the Redskins…someone has to be a fan right?!

If it’s got animal print, it must be mine! This little tuffet from Trubey/Fleur de Paris is AWESOME!

There were many, many wonderful canvases…I get excited each time Dwayne, our super UPS man, comes to the shop!

Happy stitching,