Market, Day 2

Hello from the Phoenix convention center! Another successful day of shopping! Things I love: new birds from Labors of Love (trunk show at POIA later this year), purses from Elizabeth Turner Collection, samplers from Birds of a Feather, and on and on and on.

Be sure to check out Barbara Bergsten’s Lily Pulitzer inspired line. It’s an explosion of pink and green!

I collect rubber duckies so obviously I was enchanted by this canvas from DJ Designs.

Colors of Praise makes me so happy! I’ve included two photos from her booth. Trunk show at POIA later this year.

Home tomorrow…can’t wait for the canvases to arrive!

Happy stitching,





Market, Day 1

Live from Phoenix…it’s Saturday night!!! I had an excellent day at the needlepoint market and bought loads of canvases! Or as my friend Jill calls the plural of canvas: canvii. I will attempt to post photos…work with me, iPhone!!

1st photo is from JP: super cool yellow flower with graphic border.


2nd photo is from Trubey (distributed by Fleur de Paris). It’s another tuffet by her with gorgeous shells. Chris, honey, I NEED a beach house STAT.

This photo is decidedly NOT awesome. I will try to describe the piece better later.


3rd photo is from the British duo Kirk & Hamilton. These flowers are to die for! I bought all of them!


4th photo is from Melissa Prince. Elegant orchids. I am imagining all four in one long pillow or frame. Stunning!


5th photo is a super fun brick from Needle Crossings. Remember that beach house, Chris?!


Sorry the pictures aren’t cropped. There is a limit to my skills with picture editing on the fly!

Can’t wait to shop more tomorrow!

Happy stitching, Susan

Back from Market: Baltimore

I drove up to Baltimore yesterday for a Cash & Carry market…I handed over the cash and the artists handed over the canvases! I got great canvases from Jean Smith…a symphony of florals. I’ve clipped them together so you can look through them like a mini trunk show…come by the shop! Or if you are far away, peruse her website to see her sophisticated take on flowers.

Lots of new pieces from Amanda Lawford too…this wonderful Santa (see above) has to be ordered but it is SPECTACULAR! Really a show stopper. I can’t wait for him to arrive. Absolutely stunning.

Terrific canvases from Sue of Cooper Oaks…as always.

Time for a new canvas? Yes! Happy shopping…Happy stitching,

New Year; New Needlepoint!

2011 is here and I declare it to be the Year of the New Project. What does that mean? Well I have often heard about the year of the stash (“this year I resolve to use up my old threads”) or the year of finishing old canvases (“this year I promise to stitch pieces I already have.”) Yes, these are extremely worthy goals but ARE THEY FUN? Noooooo. Don’t you just love, love, love getting a new canvas? It’s so exciting to pick our a new project, get some of the fibers (maybe even try something new) and then go home and ignore all your responsibilities and stitch for just a bit. You know what I mean…it’s the “I’ll just put in a few stitches to see how they look and then I’ll cook dinner” mentality!

I have one enthusiastic stitcher who often picks out multiple canvases at once and then goes home and does a little section on each one before committing to stitch one canvas. It’s really amusing to see the little bits stitched during her rush of excitement. (Lest you think I am poking fun at an innocent stitcher, this particular customer *may* just be my sweet Mum.)

So 2011 is the Year of the New Project for me…I am going to enthusiastically pick out new canvases and have a fabulous time working on them. The Winter Market is coming up in just a couple of days and I plan to buy lots of canvases for the shop and a healthy number for myself. I’ll be picking out a new belt for Chris, quite possibly a purse (or two) for myself, and more than likely a pair of shoes. I will keep you posted on what I see.

Be thinking what canvases you are going to choose this year!

Happy stitching,