Mark Your Calendars


I am excited to announce the trunk show schedule for next year! Exact dates still need to be finalized but get ready for these shows:

April: Itz A Stitch
A new artist! Barbara paints primarily belts.

June: Shelly Tribbey
Shelly’s designs are whimiscal and fun to stitch

September: CBK
Such a wide variety of artists–there are so many great canvases

November: Associated Talents
We always do an AT trunk show between Thanksgiving and Christmas and every year the artists send dynamite (and brand new) designs.

Watch our calendar for firm dates on these shows. As always, all canvases sent in the trunk show are 20% off and special orders placed during the show are 10% off. Now I am lining up 2015–Kathy Schenkel is already confirmed for April 2015!

Happy stitching,

Stylish Summer? Stitch NOW!

Stitch now for a stylish summer! For the whole month of May, all in-stock belt and purse canvases are 20% off. You will be the envy of all your friends in your snappy needlepoint belt. Your girlfriends will be dying to know more about your stitched purse. You will be THE trendsetter this summer!

Ladies, start your engines (or at least point your needles)!

Happy stitching,

If you are an out of town On Point reader, email me what belt/purse you would like and I’ll see if I can find an in-stock canvas.