On the road again

Chris and I hit the open road this weekend for a wedding in Kennett Square, PA (right near Winterthur and Longwood Gardens, which are lovely)…I know my road trip is not of vital importance to you but I mention it in regard to stitching. It is really important to have a “road-worthy” canvas…13 mesh, big blocks of color, little shading, and only a few (if any) decorative stitches. When you’re travelling, you really don’t want to deal with intricate shading on 18 mesh!

I chose to work on two canvases from my stash:

These canvases, from Unique NZ Designs, were perfect for the car ride. And a big thanks to Chris for doing all of the driving so I could stitch!

Happy stitching,

Keep calm and carry on!

Keep calm and carry on: that’s my best advice when faced with a stitching conundrum. For instance, I am stitching this Black-Eyed Susan to be appliqued onto a Queen Bea Studio purse. I thought it would look really sharp and be perfect for summer. So I thought about what to do with the background…I wanted some punch! I started with a rainbow of colors for the stripes (see bottom)…thought it looked chaotic and jumpy…moved to classic black and white stripes. I like it…it will go with all my cute summer outfits. I’m also still considering the yellow stitch: basket weave or diagonal mosaic.

Always evaluate your stitching…do NOT finish the whole thing and then realize a stitch or a color doesn’t work. Keep calm and ASSESS, then carry on.

PS Don’t tell my 9th grade geometry teacher, Mrs. Bynoe, about that pathetic circle I drew. She could draw a perfect circle free-hand. Impressive.

Lastly, I love the Keep Calm and Carry On expression…check out these canvases from Unique NZ Designs that riff on wonderful British humour (English spelling in honor of Will & Kate).

Happy stitching!