We’re off to see the wizard

How cute are these mini Wizard of Oz characters?! Objectively adorable! New from Kathy Schenkel. Make them into little tiny stand-ups or turn them into ornaments for your Oz Christmas tree…wait, you don’t have a Wizard of Oz tree…shameful!

Lots of opportunities to use different fibers…Fuzzy Stuff for the Cowardly Lion; Balger for the Ruby Slippers; Neon Rays Ribbon for Dorothy’s pinafore; Petite Peluche for Toto…oh so much fun to stitch!

I know I’m not supposed to take home every canvas that arrives at the shop but sometimes it’s soooo hard to resist. (Note to husband: Chris, honey, I’m really trying to restrain myself…but do NOT look in my lunch box tonight!)

Happy stitching,