The Things They Carried

Yes, The Things They Carried was an amazing book but for me it’s also a phrase that applies to needlepoint. You really need to have all your stitching supplies organized when you travel…below is a list of needlepoint Things That Need To Be Carried.

A tote bag. Either with handles or without. These totes come in three sizes and have a zipper which is key. Bags always seems to get dumped upside down in the car. I like the see-through tote so you can tell which project is which. I mean who goes on vacation with only one project?! That would be ridiculous.

A magnetic needle safe. Keeps extra needles in one place plus your scissors and needle threaders will fit in there too. Very tidy.

A needle threader. Try wedging perle cotton through the eye of a number 22 needle without a threader. Our POIA threaders also have a razor blade cutter on the other end.

A Thread Cutter. If you are doing a lot of starting and stopping,  you will need a heavy-duty thread cutter. Great for plane travel…mean TSA agents are still confiscating scissors.

A fiber organizer. Very helpful to keep you on the straight and narrow. I also like the floss away bags.

Most of these products are available in our webstore and all are available by calling the shop at 202 966 9898.

Happy traveling…happy stitching,

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