Welcome 2012! Welcome two more purses to Susan's needlepoint purse wardrobe! Two new purses from the Elizabeth Turner Collection: one in my tried-and-true satchel style and one in the new opera bag style. You can see the finished version hereIt's soft-sided with a shoulder strap..a petite thing for an evening on the town. I think I will change the dark red to black and possibly some of the metallic silver to metallic gold so the purse goes with more outfits. You can change the colors, you know! Don't be limited to what's painted on the canvas...be imaginative and creative! As for the fun summer colors on the satchel bag, what color shall I do the background? On Point readers and Facebook followers, please vote! Things to keep in mind: this will be my everyday bag in the summer so I don't want it to get dirty (so probably not white). I don't mind stitching it black because black over white canvas will not be the nightmare that black on black is. I tried a bit of yellow and I think it looks snappy. I am using Silk & Ivory for the bright colors and Appleton for the background. Please also give ideas for a background stitch. I AM OPEN TO YOUR IDEAS! Happy stitching! Susan