When I was at the needlepoint market in California, I discovered this fabulous new stitching tool! Picture this scenario: you are working with Trio on 18 mesh canvas. You need to separate the yarn into 1 ply sections. You carefully try to pull off a section...you end up with a huge knotted mess that you have to cut off and throw away. Frustration builds! Instead of hurling the canvas across the room and shouting naughty words, use the Thread Separator from the Puffin Company. Simply cut a length of fiber and attach one end to the clamp. Rest the whole piece on a table and grab the other end of the thread. As you pull off the desired ply, let the piece dangle from the edge of the table. Voila, your threads are separated! It's miraculous! I don't know how I was plying without this little gadget. Click hereto go to their website and see a video demonstration.

The separator comes in a variety of styles and costs $15. Email me and I'll send you one. It's a lifesaver! (And makes it more fun to stitch on 18 mesh canvas.)

As always, Happy Stitching,