How amazing is this custom portrait of Buster Battle, my Chocolate Labrador Extraordinaire?! I gave a picture (see first image below) to super talented custom artist, Deborah, and here's what she came up with...I am soooo pleased! Buster has been the subject of many needlepoint canvases...this one is on 13 mesh. It is sometimes hard to get the details as precise on 13 but some people just can't see to stitch on 18 mesh, the finer gauge. I think this piece looks great and the detail is marvelous. The piece really looks like old Buster, not just any Chocolate Lab. I used a combination of fibers: Silk & Ivory, Flair (yucky but great effect), and Appleton wool. The blue wall is done in the Byzantine stitch (see below). Happy stitching! Susan