Headlamp Model

Extreme needlepointing: nerd addition! Well, I will admit it: I took stitching to the next level this weekend. Let me set the scene for you: DC was hit with a fierce storm that knocked out power to +400,000 homes. Our power went out on Friday night (June 29th) and is not expected to be restored until Friday, July 6th! I can sit in a hot house; I can deal with the darkness but I cannot face that much time without stitching! I foraged in our workout gear bin and found a headlamp (usually reserved for early morning jogs)...perfect, I thought! I donned the lamp and happily needlepointed for several hours. I'm not saying I looked pretty and in fact there is absolutely no photographic evidence. Blackmail material for sure. I've just realized this post is also going to show up on The Point of It All's Facebook page...how humilitating for me.* I don't think I even looked better than this guy:

Headlamp Model Headlamp Model
A needlepointer has got to do what's she's got to do! Stay tuned for more extreme stitching stories. Happy stitching; happy fourth of July, Susan PS Associated Talents has an adorable patriotic canvas :
Associated Talents Needlepoint Fourth of July canvas Associated Talents Needlepoint Fourth of July canvas
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