Susan Battle Needlepoint Picture Frame

I am super excited to report that last week's blog post on needlepoint artist Ralph Wileman was read BY RALPH WILEMAN!!! He then picked up the phone and called me! I'm not joking when I say that I felt like I was talking with a celebrity. What a pleasant man; we had such an enjoyable conversation. As it turns out, his son lives very close to The Point of It All. He will let me know when he next comes up for a visit so we can arrange a sip and see of his amazing work. Isn't that exciting?

Susan Battle Needlepoint Picture Frame Susan Battle Needlepoint Picture Frame
This picture frame, from my Susan Battle Needlepoint line, just came back from the finisher. I think it looks lovely! You could always stitch it in a different color way if Lilly Pulitzer isn't your taste. Disclaimer: photo of Betsy not included with the canvas. Happy stitching! Susan