I covet needlepoint purses...it's an addiction really. Point of It All employee Laurie Bloch stitched this marvelous satchel. In full disclosure mode, I have to confess that I did not call her when it arrived from the finisher...I held onto it and just admired it for a few days. But I did NOT actually wear it out of the shop, so that's a positive!

The canvas is from L'Esprit de France. They have such unusual canvases....pieces that are unlike any other artist's. Take a minute to explore the website! They have pillows, shoes (drool, drool, I love shoes), luggage straps, desk sets, and so much more!

Considering how much I love purses, no one will be surprised that I have stitched the leopard print, the tartan, and part of the zebra striped purses. I also made Chris a watchfrom L'Esprit.

Happy stitching, Susan