I just received my finished True Love purse...isn't it wonderful? The artist is the fantastically hip Jenny Henry. Big surprise: I stitched a purse. It's hard to see from the photos but each of the white stitches is actually a pearl. I painstakingly attached each bead individually. Very tedious. I just learned about a new beading technique. Come up from behind the canvas, place your bead on the needle and then go back through the canvas as if you were doing a regular stitch, but here's the rub: do your stitch backwards (see diagram above). If you are a right handed stitcher, you would come up from the bottom left corner and go down through the top right. When you are beading, come up from the bottom right, attach your bead, then go down through the top left. I promise this makes your beads lay like a normal stitch. It's cool. Try THIS at home, kids! Happy stitching, Susan