new bee pillow

Sometimes a tired, old pillow needs a facelift. Sometimes we stitchers need one too but that's another topic! Here's a photo of my wonderful JP Needlepointpillow that I stitched years ago. Buster napped on it; baby Betsy crawled on it; and Chris and I lounged on it. It was time for a refresh. (Ignore the strange black spots in the lower right corner--not sure what was up with the photo. I'm also not sure why the background stitching looks so different in these two photos. It's red Silk & Ivory not maroon!)

old bee pillow old bee pillow
Here's a photo of the pillow's new look:
new bee pillow new bee pillow
A close up of the fabric and trim:
fabric and trim close up fabric and trim close up
Do you have any pillows that are due for a facelift? Also, Jessica Chaney, the Point of It All's new shop manager, will be doing blog posts periodically. Look for a post from her next week! She'll fill you in on her needlepointing history. Happy stitching, Susan