Needlepoint and March Madness

Needlepoint and March Madness...what on earth do these two things have in common?! Well nothing, really. But a buddy of mine suggested I do a post that was somehow related to the tournament. So here's my thought: It's great to have a project that allows you to look up and down at the TV. Some canvases--think 18 mesh with lots of shading--require 100% concentration and focus. Not ideal for watching a basketball game. But other canvases--say 13 mesh with a big expanse of background--are perfect for watching the action AND needlepointing! That's why you should ALWAYS have more than one project to stitch! Loyal On Point reader Judy H. is a very enthusiastic Duke fan (can you believe that game, Judy??)...I bet she has a March Madness project (or 10)! Happy stitching, Susan PS We continue to work out the bugs with the blog subscription so I apologize if you received last week's post twice. If that happens again this week, Chris suggests you unsubscribe from the email you receive second. Hopefully that will take care of the issue and again we are so sorry about this glitch!