It's always fun to read other needlepoint blogs! Here are several we particularly like. If you regularly read others, by all means, SHARE!

Janet Perry writes a very well-known blog called Nuts about Needlepoint. She covers a wide range of needlepoint-related topics. From stitch instructions to answers to pesky fiber issues, Janet has an interesting take! She is the author of two books on needlepoint: Needlepoint Trade Secrets and Bargello Revisited.

Gail Hendrix's blog, Squiggeeland, is a special blend of needlepoint and homage to her adorable dogs, Squiggee and Miss Bubbles. Gail is a marvelous needlepoint artist--anything you can dream, she can paint!

Carrie Wolf showcases non-traditional needlepoint ideas. I love her pin cushions and 3D butterflies. Check out her blog !

Barbara Bergsten of Barbara Bergsten Designs has a great blog called Create Needlepoint. Barbara illustrates many different stitches and she shares our sentiment that needlepoint is not only decorative, but also artistic, fun, & functional.