So many canvases, so little time! Here's what's on my Active Roster:

St. Albans belt (designed by me) Aqua and brown coral bucket bag (designed by Clara Wells) Fantastic paisley (designed by DJ Designs) Geometric frame (designed by Jenny Henry) Asian-inspired geometric (designed by Julie Pischke) Go O's (for the Baltimore Orioles) (designed by And More) These are just the canvases that are actually in my living room right now! There is a whole separate stash of Potential Projects...these players could be subbed into the game AT ANY MOMENT! So I am focusing on prioritizing. The active roster has a nice mix of 13 mesh and 18 mesh; big and small; intricate designs and simple backgrounds; decorative stitches and plain basketweave. I am ready for any scenario and stitching whim! I recommend you always have multiple projects going. Then you have a choice as to what to stitch when. I never, ever limit myself to one canvas. (Though I think my husband could do with fewer Point of It All bags in the living room!) I also organize every canvas (and accompanying fibers) in a clear, zippered bag. I love thesebags in particular. Embrace needlepoint A.D.D.! Happy stitching, Susan