Are you reading the blog Matters of Style?! If not, you should be! Click hereto see it. One of the bloggers, Allison, came to The Point of It All on Saturday to design a custom belt and below is her lovely post. Happy stitching...happy home decorating! Susan

Needlepoint Belt ProjectPosted: 30 Jan 2012 03:30 AM PST
At a friend's Christmas soiree, I had the good fortune of being introduced to Susan Battle, the owner of DC's fabulous needlepoint shop, The Point of it All. I admitted to my new acquaintance that I love needlepoint but I have never actually finished any of the projects I've started. So my friend and I decided that once the holidays died down we were going to take a trip to the Point of it All and have Susan get us started on a new that I'd actually finish and could have proper instruction for.
So on Saturday we ventured up to Susan's jewel box of a store in Friendship Heights. If you love needlepointing (or just want to learn) this is the place to be- I felt like I'd walked into a neighborhood hangout where everyone knows each other's name. The store is so fun and fresh, full of bright colors and alluring canvases- definitely not your grandmother's needlepoint store! I decided on something I'd wanted to do for years and years- a belt. Susan measured the belt I brought so she'd know the canvas size, finished size, etc.
And then the fun began- we chatted about what would be going on the belt so that she can send instructions to her canvas painter. It's a bit daunting to sum up your life in 8 symbols or less.
I started off with a few easy ones- my monogram and my cats. I've got to represent my Florida heritage, so I'm also thinking either a flamingo or the outline of the state.
A mix tape because I go to shows. A lot.
A chippendale chair to represent blogging and design.
And since I always seem to have one of these in my hand...
If you had to sum up your background/interests in 8 symbols or less, what would they be?