Look what I just made for my sweet husband! I saw this flask canvas from the Elizabeth Turner Collection and knew I had to have it for Chris. The canvas comes with whatever initial/initials you want, painted in gray on a plain white canvas. I thought Chris would like red letters with a blue and white striped background.

Once you do the needlepoint (it only took me a night), you cut the canvas down to flask size and tape it onto the metal. (The leather velcroes in the back so it's easy to insert the canvas.) Voila...that's all there is to it! You can take the leather and needlepoint off when you are filling the flask or need to wash it.

Chris loved the gift! Wouldn't this make an excellent groomsmen's gift? Or a Father's Day present? It's so hard to find needlepoint for men. Plus it's something different than a belt for your sweetie. Click here to check it out in our store.

Happy stitching (and sipping),