Ahh, the satisfying snip, snip of perfect scissors! I didn't know this before I was at The Point of It All but not all scissors are the same...the quality really varies. Now I treat myself to quality needlework scissors. There are the $22 Stork ones from Gingher. Almost everyone has these...they are great, basic scissors. Now consider the German-made ones with the elaborate scrollwork ($62). They are a delight to work with...such clean, sharp cuts. And if you're really going for the Cadillac of scissors, try these French-made scissors in Mother-of-Pearl and Tortoiseshell style ($100). Pure heaven. OMG. These scissors will soon be available in The Point of It All web store...stay tuned! Consider putting a quality pair of scissors on your Christmas wish list. You will be thrilled every time you use your new pair! Happy stitching, Susan