Don't worry--not all the blog posts will be about me! Nonetheless, bear with me for one more. Many customers ask what I'm working on, so here are some photos.

This adorable canvas is by Maggie Co. I love dogs and rubber duckies, so I couldn't resist this piece! I had a lot of fun with different stitches. The purple background is Criss Cross Hungarian in Appleton wool and Balger. The yellow border is Diagonal Mosaic, also stitched in Appleton. The black and white tile floor is Mosaic, stitched in Silk & Ivory. I've already had the piece framed so it was hard to take a clear picture. Take my word for it--it looks great!

I've recently stitched several belts for Chris as well as some of our friends. One thing I love about beltcanvases is how many different finished pieces you can create: dog collars, flip flops & pursetoppers to name a few. (More on that in coming posts.) Our chocolate Labrador, Buster Battle, has quite a wardrobe ofollars!