Works in Progress

KSH Designs Ikat KSH Designs Ikat
I always have a bunch of works in progress so I can match the canvas with my (stitching) mood. Lately I've been wanting something easy and mindless. This Ikat print from KSH/Kate Dickerson Needlepoint ( fits the bill. 13 mesh, about 10"x10." I'm using Silk and Ivory, which is divine. These aren't my usual colors but the canvas is going to look great as a pillow in my guest room. I'm also going to do a Jean Smith ( floral as a companion piece for the loveseat. I'm thinking of a creamy green linen fabric with contrast piping in pink and a tailored, pleated ruffle.
JP Needlepoint Zebra JP Needlepoint Zebra
I'm also working on this zebra canvas from JP Needlepoint ( for my mom. She was recently in New York City and saw a zebra sculpture but in unexpected colors. The black stripes were dark navy blue and the white areas were purple. I was delighted we had a zebra canvas that we could modify! Even though this is a 13 mesh canvas, I am stitching with 2 out of the 3 strands of Trio, which is slightly thicker than a single strand of Silk and Ivory. I find that when I am changing colors on a canvas, this thread trick gives better coverage. I have a travel size Christmas ornament too but I can't post a picture. It's for my husband, Chris, who always reads my blog posts. Right, honey?! Little projects, kept in a zippered bag, are perfect for travel needlepointing, waiting in doctor's offices, etc. Happy stitching; happy Independence Day! The Point of It All will be closed on Friday, 7/4 and we'll be open from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday, 7/5. SUSAN