I am excited to introduce our new line of wool...Appleton! It'sBritish and madeexclusivelyfor needlework as opposed to Paternayan which was developed for rugs. Here's what you need to know about Appleton:

1. It comes in more than 400 rich, vibrant colors 2. This wool is made in two weights: crewal (use 2 strands on 18 mesh) and tapestry (use 1 strand on 13 mesh) 3. A mini skein costs $1.50. We can also order larger hanks. (Those take about 6-8 weeks to arrive because they must be hand-dyed in England and then shipped to us.) Perhaps we should just arrange periodic junkets to London to pick up the wool! 4. There is no plying or separating with Appleton! Just needle up and go! 5. Many Cathedrals only use Appleton for their kneelers

Why did we leave Paternayan wool after all these years, you ask?

The Paternayan company continues to be in dire financial straits and can't fill many orders to any shop in the country. We have stuck with the company for nearly 11 months and at this point we cannot be without wool. I really and truly feel we are coming out ahead...Appleton is a delightful wool that I am pleased to carry in the shop. Stop by for a sample! Happy stitching, Susan