Do you have a favorite place to stitch? A cozy little spot on the sofa that is just perfect for needlepoint? It's your nest!
After a long day at the shop, I like to settle into our sofa and DO SOME STITCHING! I have the Ott Lite (see herefor a description) over my right shoulder, a warm fleece blanket over my feet and my scissors carefully balanced on the sofa's arm. Chris sits on the opposite end and sometimes Buster even curls up between us. There's a little end table next to the sofa--perfect for my wine glass. Ahh, so relaxing!
Needlepoint is meant to be a restful hobby so you should make your needlepoint nest an oasis. Take a moment to create a soothing environment. Then unpack your project bag and get stitching!
As always, happy stitching,