Designing my own canvas

Designing my own canvas Designing my own canvas
Caution! Don't try this at home...or if you do, be forewarned! It's really hard to design and paint your own needlepoint canvas. Last week I decided I wanted a canvas with Pop Art/Andy Warhol-esque rubber duckies. (Duckies make me smile so I collect them; see the photo of my bathroom below.)
Rubber duckies in my bathroom Rubber duckies in my bathroom
To get started on the project, I found a cookie cutter. I used a fine-tipped Sharpie marker and set to work tracing the form. I then carefully marked off the border. Then I hit a bit of a snag as I tried to figure out how to get the other 3 ducks centered. So I put the project aside. I think my best bet is to stitch the outline of the initial ducky and then simply count the spaces and the outline stitches to get the other ducks in place. While I was pausing on the technical side of things, I moved onto colors. Much more fun to lay out those! I'm using Splendor. Each ducky will be in Basketweave though I'll stitch the background in a decorative stitch. All stitch ideas welcome; please give me your input! I'm going to keep moving on this project but if I hit too many snags on the layout, I will have to turn it over to a real painter. Some things are best left to professionals. If you are feeling adventurous and artistic, get out your Sharpie markers and acrylic paint and give it a shot! Happy designing...happy stitching, Susan