Voila Project Bag

Voila Project Bag Voila Project Bag
Voila has recently debuted the most versatile tote bag EVER! They call it a project bag and it comes in a variety of colors. Check out their website by clicking here. The bags are $80. Then the fun part: select a belt canvas of your choosing and stitch it up! Send the completed canvas back to me and I'll finish it with the leather backing and clips on either end. The finishing is approximately $150. Yippee for another use of a needlepoint belt (besides accentuating one's waist)! You can stitch multiple straps and swap them on your project bag for a bunch of different looks! I'm really jazzed about these bags. In fact, I just packed my orange and leopard bag (pictured above) for the hospital! Chris and I are excited to share that our daughter's due date is only 2 weeks away! Next week's blog post will be a showcase of all the needlepoint I've done for the nursery. Happy stitching...happy toting, Susan