I cannot believe Labor Day is this weekend! This summer has whizzed by. As sad as I am to pack up my white jeans and sundresses, I am more than ready for cozy sweaters and cords. As a tribute to our last few days of summer, I am featuring dog canvases that are sprinkled throughout the shop. After all, these are the dog days of summer!


This Maggie & Co. "hugtime" canvas is 13 mesh and $205.


Everyone who comes into the store immediately notices this ADORABLE Maggie & Co. canvas! Personally, I cannot get enough of the details such as the tennis ball hubcaps or the rabbit at the front of the car. This canvas is $175 and is on 18 mesh.



2014-05-06 14.25.17

Mod Labrador Mod Corgi


The canvases featured above are part of a series from Susan Battle Designs called "Mod Dogs." Each canvas is $148 and is on 13 mesh. To see the full line visit our Facebook page, and the album titled "Mod Dogs."



Shown above is another line from Susan Battle Designs. This line features dog commands. Each canvas is $115 and on 13 mesh. These canvases would be a great project to learn new stitches on as there are large areas of color!


This daschund two part pillow is...you guessed it, another Susan Battle designs canvas! I sense a trend... The daschund pillow is $178 and on 13 mesh.

I hope some of these canine pillows got your tail wagging! However, if you are a feline fanactic there are a couple of canvas designers who feature cute cats.



We hope everyone has a relaxing and fun Labor Day Weekend! We will be open this Saturday, August 30th from 10 am until 2 pm. We will be closed on Labor Day, Monday September 1st. We will reopen on Tuesday, September 2nd.