Idea: Needlepoint Tray

Every once in a while a customer asks us about creating a needlepoint tray. We've done acrylic ones like this one from Cooper Oaks:

Bargello Tray Bargello Tray
Sudberry makes trays as well:
Tray from Sudberry House Tray from Sudberry House
Other trays Other trays
A customer came in the other day with the idea of making trays for when you are eating in front of the television. I hate trying to balance a plate on my lap so the idea of a tray appealed to me. I am jazzed about creating several trays with needlepoint that work in my family room. Or what about doing each family member's monogram? There is an acrylic covering over the needlepoint so the tray can easily be wiped down should you have any messy eaters in the family! (No judgements, Chris and Betsy Battle!) I am always on the lookout for needlepoint ideas outside of pillows and ornaments. This sure fit the bill! Happy stitching; happy dining in front of the tv, Susan