Alice Peterson canvas

Alice Peterson canvas Alice Peterson canvas
I've just started on a new canvas...this one is from Alice Peterson. I really liked the painted "caning" on this canvas and thought the effect would be enhanced with the Skip Tent stitch. It's super simple. All you do is stitch every other stitch. (Double click on the above photo to zoom in closer.) With this stitch there is blank canvas showing when you are finished so pick a color thread that is close to the painted canvas. Here the design is painted a color very similar to the Whole Wheat Silk & Ivory I am using. An added bonus of this stitch is SPEED! When you only stitch every other stitch, you can finish areas a lot faster. I already selected a tailored, twisted fringe and ordered it (lest it be out of stock or discontinued by the time I finish the stitching.) If you pick a trim fist, you can match your fiber exactly. You can really get in a jam if you've finished a canvas but can't find a trim that's a good color match. Happy stitching, Susan I should mention that I rolled up the canvas using bankers clips to make it more manageable while I'm stitching. I love those bankers clips! Low-tech solutions are sometimes the best!