So you've stitched all the fun stuff on a canvas...the little details; the bright, colorful sections; and the carefully shaded bits...and now you are faced with seemingly endless amounts of background? It just feels like a wide open expanse of boring background. Perhaps it's even a BLACK you are really sunk!

Fear not! The Point of It All works with a wonderful group of nuns, yes NUNS, who will stitch the canvas for you. Please don't think of it as "cheating." Re-frame the issue and consider it a way to free you up to stitch the more fun parts of a new canvas.

We can give you a quote on stitching but here are the general guidelines:

$2 per square inch on 10 mesh
$2.50 per square inch on 13 mesh
$2.75 per square inch on 18 mesh

I often use ghost stitchers, especially on backgrounds. Life's too short to be stuck stitching the boring bits!

Happy stitching,