Barbara Bergsten's Lilly Pulitzer Inspired Shift Dresses

Barbara Bergsten's Lilly Pulitzer Inspired Canvases Needlepoint artist Barbara Bergsten has created a line of Lilly Pulitzer inspired canvases...aren't they adorable?! You could make little ornaments out of the shift dresses--I imagine finishing each one so it hangs on a tiny hanger. Or an eyeglass case out of the 3 little dresses canvas. Check out Barbara's website to see all of her adorable designs! I really like how the Lilly Pulitzer line combines patterns. I used to be scared to mix prints and patterns; I thought it looked cluttered and chaotic. But done right (and not overdone), you CAN mix. I think the same is true of decorative stitches. Experiment with creating patterns. I urge you to try a new stitch! Maybe start with adding one to just the background. Then on your next project, do the background plus one other area. Just keep evaluating and making sure you aren't falling victim to adding too much pattern. You'll find what's right for your taste. I would love to write more but frankly I'm ready to pack my bags for Palm Beach and visit the Lilly HQ! Happy stitching, Susan