I have just returned from the Needlework Market in sunny Long Beach, California...wow, so many beautiful canvases! I can't wait for them to start arriving! I took pictures of some especially neat ones. The picture quality isn't great because the convention center lighting was poor but here's the idea. These adorable Halloween "stand ups" are from Kirk & Hamilton. Very cute. You can make your own gingerbread garland! Elizabeth Turner Collection envisioned that you would stitch the members of your family in gingerbread. Adorable finishing. These canvases looked perfect for decorative stitches! I ordered a bunch of sweet saying plus several canvases of local sports teams...ie gold and maroon with Go Skins! for the Redskins...someone has to be a fan right?! If it's got animal print, it must be mine! This little tuffet from Trubey/Fleur de Paris is AWESOME! There were many, many wonderful canvases...I get excited each time Dwayne, our super UPS man, comes to the shop! Happy stitching, Susan