2011 is here and I declare it to be the Year of the New Project. What does that mean? Well I have often heard about the year of the stash ("this year I resolve to use up my old threads") or the year of finishing old canvases ("this year I promise to stitch pieces I already have.") Yes, these are extremely worthy goals but ARE THEY FUN? Noooooo. Don't you just love, love, love getting a new canvas? It's so exciting to pick our a new project, get some of the fibers (maybe even try something new) and then go home and ignore all your responsibilities and stitch for just a bit. You know what I mean...it's the "I'll just put in a few stitches to see how they look and then I'll cook dinner" mentality!

I have one enthusiastic stitcher who often picks out multiple canvases at once and then goes home and does a little section on each one before committing to stitch one canvas. It's really amusing to see the little bits stitched during her rush of excitement. (Lest you think I am poking fun at an innocent stitcher, this particular customer *may* just be my sweet Mum.)

So 2011 is the Year of the New Project for me...I am going to enthusiastically pick out new canvases and have a fabulous time working on them. The Winter Market is coming up in just a couple of days and I plan to buy lots of canvases for the shop and a healthy number for myself. I'll be picking out a new belt for Chris, quite possibly a purse (or two) for myself, and more than likely a pair of shoes. I will keep you posted on what I see.

Be thinking what canvases you are going to choose this year!

Happy stitching,