I'm back from the needlework market in Columbus, Ohio! It was GREAT! I bought so many terrific canvases...it's hard to know where to start in telling you about them! Here are the highlights: *Colors of Praise...be still my heart! What an amazing celebration of color and pattern. I almost couldn't contain myself in her booth! I'm definitely doing a lamp shade. And I got a buckle for my hip belt. Just look at her beautiful birds? I am so excited! *New styles of purse from Elizabeth Turner Collection and Clara Wells Needlepoint. Big surprise that I was able to find a purse, right?! The new CW purse is a little box...not on her website yet. Stay tuned. ETC is showing the Opera Bag...click hereto view. *Patti Mann had a bunch of new bunnies...whimsical and fun! I can already envision the fabulous finishing. *New to me: Labors of Love. Awesome. Totally awesome. Love their three dimensional birds that clip onto the Xmas tree. Their Nutcracker series was AMAZING. You must click here. Scroll all the way to the bottom. I also liked the chocolate Easter bunny with a bite taken out of the ear. *Doesn't everyone need a magic wand?! YES. I got Kathy Schenkel's Abracadabraone. I think I will attach the star to a dowel and add lots of ribbons and froufrou. Watch out...I'll be granting wishes right and left. *Canvas Connection showed an adorable Alice in Wonderland series of little stand ups. Not yet pictured on her website. Objectively adorable though. * I couldn't stop chuckling in the Stitch-Its booth...I love Barbara's signs. So many canvases...so little time to needlepoint...I'm going to blow off the laundry and stitch instead! Apologies to my sweet Chris and his dirty clothes. Happy stitching, Susan