My husband made an outrageous claim the other day: "Honey, we have enough pillows." My response, "Oh sweetie, we have only just begun!"

But I take his point (in theory): there is such a thing as too many pillows. But that certainly doesn't mean too many needlepoint pieces. I've already written about my love of needlepoint shoes, purses, and cuffs but what about needlepoint foot stools and tuffets and chairs?!

Take the example of the wonderful "Leo the Dog" foot stool stitched by customer Audrey Shannon. Her son brought me the actual foot stool and then Audrey and I had Leo painted by the Point of It All's most fabulous artist, Deborah. (If you can dream it; she can paint it!)

Check out my mother's fabulous tuffet from artist Trubey. Here's a link to Trubey's work. She also does full size chairs, if you can imagine that!

Or consider a child's director's chair from Patti Mann or Associated Talents.

The possibilities are limitless!

Happy stitching!