Live from's Saturday night!!! I had an excellent day at the needlepoint market and bought loads of canvases! Or as my friend Jill calls the plural of canvas: canvii. I will attempt to post with me, iPhone!! 1st photo is from JP: super cool yellow flower with graphic border.

20120121-195932.jpg 2nd photo is from Trubey (distributed by Fleur de Paris). It's another tuffet by her with gorgeous shells. Chris, honey, I NEED a beach house STAT. This photo is decidedly NOT awesome. I will try to describe the piece better later.

20120121-200323.jpg 3rd photo is from the British duo Kirk & Hamilton. These flowers are to die for! I bought all of them!

20120121-200454.jpg 4th photo is from Melissa Prince. Elegant orchids. I am imagining all four in one long pillow or frame. Stunning!

20120121-200655.jpg 5th photo is a super fun brick from Needle Crossings. Remember that beach house, Chris?!

20120121-200906.jpg Sorry the pictures aren't cropped. There is a limit to my skills with picture editing on the fly! Can't wait to shop more tomorrow! Happy stitching, Susan