So I'm not giving up my needlepoint career to become a professional photographer...that's for sure! These photos are not the best but I am thrilled with the new layout of the shop and wanted to share it! It now feels much more open and inviting. I've already worked with several customers at the new table up front. The window seat is now a showcase for finished projects. The middle room is completely rearranged. I especially love that we no longer have our backs to the customer when ringing up sales. And there's more display space for new books and stitching gadgets. The customer response has been overwhelmingly positive and super enthusiastic!

I think it's really important to give a shop a fresh look every so often. Keep things new! If I may broaden this discussion: the same can be said of needlepoint. Try a new stitch; take on a canvas that would have intimidated you before; add texture to a piece with a fabulous fiber! Keep things fresh and exciting with your needlepoint!

As always, happy stitching,