I always enjoy knowing what other people are stitching; don't you? Here's a glimpse of what Lee Hanley is working on right now! Lee has been a Point of It All star for 26 years, if you can believe that! She generally works on Thursdays and Saturdays (she divides her time between the shop and the National Zoo).

Lee has been working on the dog rug for many years. Her mother, noted needlepointer author Hope Hanley, started the piece. Once the rug is stitched, Lee is donating it to the Dog Museum in St. Louis. It's a really wonderful piece.

She loves animals (big surprise given her zoo affiliation, right?!) so the 18 mesh animal canvas is a natural. The floral canvases are equally beautiful. Lee is stitching them in silk. The Christmas ornament is a Melissa Shirley and is painted on 24 mesh! Those any teensy-tiny holes...

Lee often stitches for the shop, doing Point of It All models and projects for customers. I'm glad she still finds some time to work on her own projects.

Happy stitching,