Some stitchers feel that they must stick with the colors exactly as the artist painted. To that I say, Color Outside the Lines and Live a Little!Take a look at these pillows. The canvas is from Birds of a Feather.Customer Angela Levy stitched the one on the top and I stitched the one on the bottom. Neither one of us stuck to the original colors...we both made changes so the pillows work with our homes. I urge you to view the painted colors as a guide, not a mandate.

For those who left comments on our last post -- I know these are pillows and I am promising some finishing ideas other than pillows, but these projects illustrate an equally important point. There is much more to needlepoint than pillows and "stitching by numbers."

FYI, we are having a Birds of a Feather trunk show at the shop through Saturday, September 27th. All canvases are 10% off!